Reality Creation

The Role of God, Man, and the Devil

 The problem with the way many Christians think is that, they attribute many of the evil things they do or that happen to them as the fault of the Devil.

That is a foolish way of thinking, because by attributing the cause of events to the world without instead of the world within, they are having an irresponsible and immature mentality.

 Herein lies the secret of power, responsibility is power. When you acknowledge responsibility, you gain power. When you cast blame on some other entity, you are giving your power to that entity. The Devil obviously would love Christians to blame him for everything bad that happens. It keeps them powerless and makes him powerful.

 Everything works according to the Law of Cause and Effect. The notion of chance, luck, fate or destiny is actually the result of the law at work. Nothing escapes the law, everything is subjected to it. If it wasn’t so, the entire universe would collapse in an instant.

 All things that exist in the world without are created from the world within. The world within is the world of thoughts, the world without is the world of conditions. Thoughts are the causes, conditions are the effects. This is according to the Law of Correspondence – as within, so without.

 Every thought results in its corresponding condition. Positive thoughts create positive conditions and negative thoughts create negative conditions. When you have this awareness, you can realize the truth of every matter, that there is an absolute process of cause and effect by which it consists of.

 It is equally erroneous to attribute every success as God’s grace and nothing to do with the self at all. Such a mentality would only result in the person always thinking that whether something works or not would depend whether God decides to make it work. They will not be certain of how their thoughts and actions play a definite part in making it work.

 If everything depends on God and the Devil, why do we even need to have a mind of our own at all? How ridiculous it is to think like that? It is truly absurd, so how to make sense of all these? The truth is, each of the two aforementioned beliefs are only half true. Yes the Devil does play a part to a certain extent in the evil conditions that are present in this world, but His work only has effect in our reality according to the Law of Attraction. The law states that all things are energy and like energy attracts like energy. We are all attracting into our reality those things, people and spiritual forces that are in harmony with the thoughts that we think.

Yes God’s grace is what we should give glory to for every blessing that we have, but God’s grace cannot override the free will he has given us in creating our own reality. If success has nothing to do with us, then we should not experience failure because God would always enforce success in every area of our lives.

Herein is the truth about the role of God, Man and Devil.

 God works, Man chooses and the Devil deceives (Enoch Tan).

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