Codex of Money Author

Codex of Money picGood day, my name is Randy, I am the Codex of Money Author, and the owner of Basictech Information Services.

This blog is the very first blog I created online several years ago, ironically it has gotten the least of my attention.

Since creating this blog, I have created several other websites and blogs. I am a published Author and blog writer.

I have formal education in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Communications. My degree is Criminal Justice and Investigations.

I also wrote and EBook called the Codex of Money, it is the mathematical formula for success, and is written with scholarly sources, not internet hoo-doo or Guru teachings.

I do not know how you found this page, but I have a variety of sources of information available for free.

My business is Basictech Information Services, hence the ‘information’ part.

Want to learn the truth about Internet Marketing?

Bottom line is 3 elements

  1. Hard Work
  2. Time, and Patience
  3. Money; (if you want to be truly successful), you must invest some money

There are plenty of “free” resources out there to learn, lack of due diligence is the root cause of most failure. one must do what it takes in order to succeed, so you must ask yourself;

“What do I need to do right now to make my dreams a reality?”

I discuss all of these things, along with the actual 2+2=4 numberical formula that exists to creat success.

As the Codex of Money Author, I am here to tell you that everything in life has a mathematical formula, and money is no different, it is math.

Once you discover this formula that is NOT new, and most likely staring you in the face, because we all apply it in our lives everyday, you will slap yourself and say “Why didn’t I think about that?”

This is what is known in the scientific world as “cognitive awareness”

The Codex of Money also explains why the Law of Attraction does not work for most people. Law of Attraction is only one element of the 7 in the success formula.

Discover the mathematical formula for success today!

All payments made securely through PayPal, no account is required. Refunds given with positive proof  that this does not add up.


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About Basictech

Basictech offers cost effective business consulting and investigation services through marketing strategy, content creation, research, and much more. The initial consultation is free, we provide a very affordable service to increase your online and offline business potential.
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