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Is Donald Trump a Scammer/Fraud?

Originally posted on Basictech News:
I see a lot of rhetoric across the net about Donald Trump, and Trump University being a scam. As an investigator I am going to ask “is Donald Trump a scammer or fraud?” There is one…

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Codex of Money Author

Good day, my name is Randy, I am the Codex of Money Author, and the owner of Basictech Information Services. This blog is the very first blog I created online several years ago, ironically it has gotten the least of … Continue reading

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“If CAIR Were Involved in Illegal Activity, Then We Would be in Jail.’ | Frontpage Mag

That’s an argument usually only made by mobsters and Clintons. Source: “If CAIR Were Involved in Illegal Activity, Then We Would be in Jail.’ | Frontpage Mag

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Reality Creation

The Role of God, Man, and the Devil  The problem with the way many Christians think is that, they attribute many of the evil things they do or that happen to them as the fault of the Devil. That is … Continue reading

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